“The song of bandy” – Voices from a beloved sport!

by | Apr 16, 2024 | News

Chris Middlebrook

Say the name Chris Middlebrook, and bandy experienced people get’s filled of respect and admiration for a man and a bandy career that meant so much to the development of the sport in his country, USA.

Now the USA Bandy luminary, author of “The Bandy Chronicles”, is currently writing a new book tentatively titled “The Song of Bandy”. The book will consist of stories about the magnificent sport of bandy, both on and off the ice, from its origins all the way through the present, from all across the bandy world and through the more than 200 years that bandy has been an organized sport. Stories about teams, clubs, countries,  individuals, epic games, first encounters, humor and humanity, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, etc, etc.

Who can tell those stories and who can deliver them? Many of you can do it! The people that have experienced the sport, with feelings that has grown for the love of your team, players, media representatives, photographers, volunteer officials who put in time for the big love of bandy and many others. If you have a story to tell, connect with Chris Middlebrook via email, ccidbrook@aol.com, to tell him about stories that you think could or should be included in “The Song Of Bandy”.