The teams ready for the World Championships this spring!

by | Jan 24, 2023 | News

Now all the teams are ready to participate in the historic World Championships for both men and women in Sweden in March and April.

The tournaments are played in Eriksson Arena in Åby outside Växjö in Sweden.

Not all qualified nations have had the opportunity to participate, partly for financial reasons and partly because of the geopolitical situation

and the war in Ukraine. The detailed game schedules for the tournaments are being compiled and will be published in the next few days.

The Group B for men will be decided over four days March 24-27. Participating teams there are Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

The Group A for men will be played over six days, March 28-April 2. This group with the best teams will be settled between 5 national teams. They are Finland, Norway, USA, Kazakhstan and Sweden.

Womens World Championship plays at the same time as the best men’s nations make up in the Group A. The women play their World Championship at the same time and in the same arena. This arrangement is unique and the women’s and men’s World Championships have never been played at the same time and in the same place before. Participating female teams are Sweden, Finland, USA, Netherlands, Ukraine and Switzerland.