Time for the finals!

by | Mar 5, 2020 | 2020-wcs-men-b, News, Tournaments

Time for the the final games of the World Championship Group B in Irkutsk, Russia. Four teams have proven to be the best. In the semi finals Hungary beat Slovakia 5-0 and Mongolia lost against Ukraine 1-3. That’s why Hungary and Ukraine will meet in the Championship final Friday afternoon, March 6, at 15:00 on Trud Stadium.

The bronze will be played between Slovakia and Mongolia at. 12:00 on Trud. But more games still remains. Game for place 5 between Netherlands and Latvia at 11:00 on Record Arena. Game for place 7 between Japan and Czech Republic at 09:00, also on Record Arena and the last game of the two fights for place 9 between Switzerland and Somalia on Stroitel Arena at 10:00.

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