by | Nov 8, 2021 | News

Now it’s time for the premiere round also in the American first division “Elite League”. Mississippi Mojo is the reigning champion after a final victory last season against Tonka Bay Bombers.

In the coming season, there are 7 teams in the Elite League and they are Flying Sparrows, Dynamo Duluth, Minneapolis Bandolier, Minnesota Blades, Mississippi Mojo, Tonka Bay Bombers and USA Selects.

THE PREMIERE GAMES (Times are local UTC -6)
November 13
16:30 Mississippi Mojo-Flying Sparrows

November 15
21:00 Dynamo Duluth-Tonka Bay Bombers

November 17
21:15 Flying Sparrows-Minneapolis Bandolier

November 29
19:30 Dynamo Duluth-Minneapolis Bandolier
21:00 Mississippi Mojo-Tonka Bay Bombers

A picture from World Championship March 2015. Artur Befus, Latvia in battle for the ball with Michael Carman, USA when the teams met on March 29 i Khabarovsk, Russia. Photo: Martin Henriksson