FIB 2024 World Cup Old Boys


This World Cup for Oldboys will be played in Haparanda, Sweden and arranged by the Swedish Bandy Association and HSKT-Bandy in Haparanda. There is so far a preliminary date for the tournament on March 8-10. More information will be published when the final decision is made on the date of the tournament.  

If you have any questions about the tournament or have a team that is interested to participate. Don’t hesitate to contact Esa Paldanius, HSKT-Bandy in Haparanda, Phone +46705900864, E-mail


Hammarby Oldboys

The teams in this tournament 2022 in Haparanda was Team Unisport (with players from Haparanda, Tornio, Kalix and Kemi), Hammarby Oldboys, OLS Uleåborg and Veiterä Veterans.

Hammarby Oldboys won all of their games. First 3 games in the Round Robin. Hammarby beat OLS Uleåborg 1-0, Team Unisport 3-2 and Veiterä Veterans 3-1.

In the bronze game Team Unisport won against Veiterä 10-0.

The final game between OLS Uleåborg and Hammarby Oldboys ended 2-1 to Hammarby and big final hero was Hans-Elis Johansson. He scored both goals for the winning team.

The 2022 champions were Micke Sund, Olle Englund, Adam Jismark, Stefan Persson, Marcus Bergwall, Hans-Elis Johansson, Patrik Rönnqvist, Fredrik Wallin, Oskar Pettersson Hasselgren, Mikael Nyberg, Janne Sundvall, Lasse Johansson, Göran Rosendal and Markku Paksuniemi.

Team management: Kenneth Sundman, Fredrik Johansson and Håkan Nygren.

Haparanda is situated in Norrbotten County, Sweden. Haparanda is Sweden’s easternmost urban area.

On June 8, 2005, it was announced that IKEA had chosen to establish in Haparanda. The inauguration took place on November 15, 2006. It is the world’s northernmost IKEA store, and Sweden’s 16th. Since Haparanda is a border town and is often associated with its sister city Tornio (Finnish Tornio), the store’s name has become IKEA Haparanda-Tornio, and it is marketed as “the world’s most international Ikea”. Together with other expected establishments, this means that Haparanda’s share of trade flows in the Cap of the North is expected to increase sharply.

Haparanda Stadshotell

The most important road through Haparanda is European route 4. Haparanda is signposted on the E4 route from Sundsvall and northwards. Haparanda has passenger rail services that go to Kalix, Boden and Luleå. The trains run on the partly newly built Haparanda Line.

The nearest airport is Kemi-Tornio Airport in Finland, about 25 kilometres away, where there are flights to Helsinki. The nearest Swedish airport is Luleå-Kallax Airport, about 130 kilometres away, where there are flights to Stockholm, among other places.

The city is located right next to the national border to Finland and borders directly on the Finnish city of Tornio. For a period around 2000, the two towns/municipalities collectively called themselves EuroCity, but later changed to the designations Haparanda-Tornio (in Haparanda) and Tornio-Haparanda (in Tornio).

Haparanda is the home town of the Swedish bandy club HSKT-Bandy.