by | Nov 9, 2023 | News

New team’s are joining the World of Bandy. Italy has applied for membership in FIB and the USA Bandy League will have two new teams for the 2023-24 winter season.

In the top Elite Division, the Minnehaha Wolves will make their debut on November 19. Most of the Wolves players played on the D-1 champion Tsunami Ice team last season. They decided to make the jump to Elite under a new identity. They are managed by Andrew Bjorklund. Recent signings include former Gopher hockey player Darian Romanko.

In Division 1, the Twin City Lakers will fill the gap left by Tsunami. Lakers Manager Andrew Lamere has been busy gathering a combo of new and veteran skaters who are clearly excited and hoping to hit the ice at full speed at the Oval in a couple weeks.
Good luck to the Minnehaha Wolves and Twin City Lakers and FIB say Congratulations to the USA Bandy! FIB is of course also happy that our family of bandy around the world is growing.

Darian Romanko, Nick Kerbashian, Thomas Wyers and Spencer Lewin in the Minnehaha Wolves.