USA legends reunite!

by | Jul 29, 2023 | News

The USA Bandy are planning for two big events the coming week. Except the Star Classic on Monday, another exciting bandy event is planned for Tuesday, August 1. Key players from the last four decades that were instrumental in establishing and keeping the USA Bandy program going, will gather for a reunion game at Augsburg Arena. It is not a long tradition as it started last year coinciding with the Swedish/American Bandy Camp.

ut this year it is expected to be even bigger. Several USA Bandy Hall of Fame players will attend this fun skate event, like Jasper Felder, Rick Haney, Chris Middlebrook, Chris Halden, Steve Nelson and Jeff Arundel. Other Legends, including scoring king Jon Keseley, Andy Fronek, Eric Kyllonen, John “JJ” Jensen, Mikael Sandberg and keepers Tommy Stone and Billy Kron, also plan to be there.


Photo memory from July 2022 when the Legends met for the first historical event.