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Jonathan and Valentin Wang-Norderud

In the World Championships in Vänersborg and Trollhättan there where 2 goal scorers at the age of 14. Oliver Corcoran in Team Great Britain is the youngest scorer in Group B. Oliver will turn 15 this summer. But in Team Germany we actually find an even younger scorer. Valentin Wang-Norderud turned 14 last November.

Oliver Corcoran

As Germany secured 7th place in Group A by defeating the Netherlands 12-6 in Trollhättan on January 31st, German top player Johan Koch assisted Valentin Wang-Norderud for Germanys last goal in the 86th minute.

Valentin is the youngest ever goal scorer at the World Championship at 14 years and 2 months. Germany now holds the record of both the oldest (Sergei Bitkov 57) and the youngest goal scorer in the tournaments history! Valentin Wang-Norderud and his older brother Jonathan both play for the German team, and represent the Oslo club Ready Bandy, which is one of the leading clubs in the region, and was also host to Germanys pre-championship camp. The regrowth does not seem to be a problem for the world bandy with such scorers as Valentin and Oliver!