Statistical curiosities Group A!

by | Feb 2, 2019 | Tournaments, world-championship-men-2019

Oldest and youngest player
The 5 oldest players all come from Germany. Sergei Naab and Sergei Fichter are the two oldest; 47 years old. Then follows Eugen Kudrin 43, Victor Rud 42 and Michael Dunaev 40. The youngest player was Valentin Wang-Norderud, Germany, 14 years old.

Goal assistants
The player who made the most goal-assists is Petter Löyning, Norway, with 8 assistants. Alexander Kolyagin, Germany, has 7 assists and on 6 assists we find Michael Dunaev, Germany, Jan Olav Löyning, Norway, Mike Carman, USA and Maxim Ishkeldin, Russia. 5 assists Kevin Brown, USA, Daniel Berlin and Per Hellmyrs, Sweden.

Most penalty minutes
Juho Liukkonen in the Finnish team is by far the player with most penalty minutes, 70 minutes. Then Stephan den Brook, the Netherlands and Petter Moen, Norway follow with 30 minutes. 20 minutes on the penalty bench; Maxim Ishkeldin, Russia, Markus Fremstad, Norway, Markus Kumpuoja, Finland, Peter Knutson, USA, Zultan Kadirzhanov, Kazakhstan, Sam Rouppe van der Voort, Netherlands and Niklas Kvamme-Elger, Germany.