Veiterä and Akilles to Cup final in Finland

by | Nov 12, 2019 | News, News Archive

The Cup final in Finland will be played on Friday 3rd of January 2020. The teams of Cup Final in Finland are Akilles from Borgå and Veiterä from Lappeenranta.

Same teams, Veiterä and Akilles, was in Cup final in last year. At that time Akilles did win by numbers 3-2 (1-2). Match was played in Lappeenranta. Year 2020 Cup final will also be played in Lappeenranta. Match day is Friday, 3rd of January.

Cup of Finland was played in two groups. Finnish Bandy League teams were set in groups based on last year success. Akilles from Borgå won A-group that was played in Oulu November 2-3. Veiterä from Lappeenranta won B-group in Varkaus where cup matches were played a week after, November 9-10. Both teams were invincible in their group matches.

Thus, the situation in the final match of Cup of Finland is clear: Akilles wants to defend its Cup championship from last year, and Veiterä will fight for revenge to get Cup back to Lappeenranta.

LiveScore service from website of Finnish Bandy Federation