Veiterä won Finnish Final!

by | Mar 12, 2022 | News

Veiterä from Lappeenranta became Finnish champion today, Saturday, March 12. In the final, Veiterä played against Akilles from Porvoo. Thus, Veiterä got revenge for the loss last year when Akilles became Finnish champion.

In this year’s final, the victory numbers were 5-1 after 3-1 in the halftime break in front of 2914 people in the stands in Lappeenranta. The final was not as goal-oriented even as many had hoped. Therefore, the victory and the championship title were completely fair. Veiterä didn’t lost any matches in the home field.

The “Mens of Match” were Veiterä’s captain, Tero Liimatainen (3 goals) and Veiterä’s goalkeeper Topi Peuhkuri

Goals in the final Veiterä-Akilles 5-1 (3-1)
1-0 (21) Tuukka Loikkanen (assist: Tero Liimatainen)
2-0 (31) Tuomas Liukkonen (Niklas Valtanen)
3-0 (37) Tero Liimatainen (Christian Laibert)
3-1 (42) Juuso Johansson (- -)

4-1 (55) Tero Liimatainen (Matias Lehtonen)
5-1 (84) Tero Liimatainen (Esko Liukkonen)
Referees in the final were Petri Kuusela (Tornio), Jyrki Rekilä (Oulu) and Harri Siniaalto (Oulu).
Penalties: Veiterä 6 x 10 min; Akilles 2 x 10 min.

The match can be seen from this link (Yle Areena).

By this victory, Lappeenranta approved to be a Bandy Capitol of Finland: Veiterä has been now six time in row in the final match of Men’s Bandyleage (three championships). And: Wiipurin Sudet (“Wolfs of Viborg”) did win, in row, their 9th Finnish championship in the Women’s Bandyleague in Finland in last weekend.

Veiterä – Finnish Champions 2022:

Wiipurin Sudet – Finnish Champions 2022:


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