Villa Lidköping and Västerås winners in Sweden!

by | Mar 19, 2023 | News

The two Swedish bandy finals were decided on Friday March 17 and Saturday March 18. In the women’s final, which was played on Friday evening, Villa Lidköping and Västerås SK met. The same clubs also met in the men’s final on Saturday.


Tilda Ström – The Queen of women’s final!

In the women’s final, Villa Lidköping was completely superior to the opponents from Västerås. The victory numbers were a whopping 8-1 after 3-0 at halftime. The big queen of the field was Villa’s Tilda Ström, who was both responsible for a real hat trick in the first half and also scored a total of five goals in the match.

The goals in the women’s final:
1-0 (4) Tilda Ström
2-0 (27) Tilda Ström
3-0 (45) Tilda Ström
4-0 (65) Tilda Ström, assist Sofie Millqvist
5-0 (66) Lisa Östman
5-1 (73) Edit Heather
6-1 (80) Freja Lööf
7-1 (88) Moa Friman, assist Agnes Ögren
8-1 (90) Tilda Ström, assist Emma Ahland

Viktor Spångberg – Gold scorer!


Västerås SK is something unique in Swedish bandy. The club won its 21st Swedish championship. The club won the first gold back in 1923. This final was extremely exciting and was decided only after extra time and a Golden Goal. Villa Lidköping were big favorites for the gold because the team had been completely superior in the regular season all winter. But Västerås is a team that always raises itself a couple of levels when it’s time for the final. So also this time when the green and white team scored the winning goal after less than two minutes of extra time.




The goals in the men’s final Villa Lidköping BK-Västerås SK:
0-1 (3) Robin Andersson, assist Oscar Gröhn
0-2 (19) Christoffer Fagerström, assist Rasmus Sjöström
1-2 (36) Tim Persson, assist Johan Löfstedt
2-2 (87) Christoffer Edlund
2-3 (92) Viktor Spångberg