Villa Lidköping double gold!

by | Apr 3, 2021 | News

Villa Lidköping BK-AIK in the Swedish Final Saturday, April 3. It was drama, it was prestige and the Swedish bandy final was decided in the most exciting way imaginable. The final score was 4-4 and it was only in extra time through the golden goal that the whole thing was decided.

Martin Karlsson, Villa Lidköping

After the first 10 minutes of extra time no goal was scored, but after 107 minutes in the second part of extra time Villa Lidköping’s captain Martin Karlsson scores with a shot and Villa thus becomes Swedish Champion for the second time. The first time was in 2019. The club is also double Swedish champion because Villa’s women’s team became Swedish Champions last weekend.

The goals in the final – Villa Lidköping-AIK
1-0 (03) Joel Broberg
1-1 (05) Sebastian Ytterell, assist Alan Dzhusoev
2-1 (22) Petter Björling, assist Martin Karlsson
2-2 (45) Tobias Nyberg, assist Daniel Andersson
3-2 (53) Christoffer Edlund, assist Joel Broberg
4-2 (54) Petter Björling, assist Erik Säfström

4-3 (64) Erik Pettersson, assist Alan Dzhusoev
4-4 (75) Daniel Andersson, assist Erik Pettersson
5-4 (107) Martin Karlsson