by | Oct 3, 2022 | News

During the past weekend, the Swedish Cup for men was decided in Lidköping. Eight teams participated and they were divided into two groups. Villa Lidköping won the tournament after final victory against Sandvikens AIK by 8-1 after 3-1 at half time. The victory was of course substantial for Villa. 

The tournament ended very dramatically when Sandviken had two players seriously injured. Partly in the semi-final against Västerås SK, when Sandviken’s Alfred Rustas received a skate splint over his wrist with a large flow of blood as a result. It happened in the last minute of the match. Västerås then suggested that the match be ended because Sandviken’s lead was also two goals with only one minute remaining. Rustas had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance. In the final, Villa’s Alexander Härndahl clashed with Sandviken’s Daniel Mossberg. The impact was so unfortunate that Mossberg fell unconscious on the ice and lay down for a long time. He too had to be taken to hospital by ambulance. These two dramatic events not only affected Sandviken’s capacity at the end of the tournament, but also the images that follow everyone afterwords.

Villa Lidköping already had a 3-1 lead when the accident with Mossberg occurred, so it was worthy cup champions who stood as winners. However, how long Rustas and Mossberg will be out of action remains to be seen.

Villa Lidköping-Sandvikens AIK 8-1 (3-1)
1-0 (03) Felix Pherson
1-1 (13) Daniel Berlin
2-1 (15) Joel Broberg
3-1 (25) Christoffer Edlund
4-1 (38) Martin Johansson
5-1 (41) Johan Löfstedt
6-1 (46) Joel Broberg
7-1 (52) Christoffer Edlund
8-1 (53) Christoffer Edlund

In Group A, Villa Lidköping won on +8 in goals and 4 points. Västerås SK second team with 4 points but +3 in goals. Broberg Söderhamn on third place, also on 4 points and -2 in goals. Sirius came last in the group with no points.

Group B
was won by Sandvikens AIK, undefeated with 5 points and +10 in goals. Second was the Swedish champion Edsbyn on 4 points, then followed AIK on 3 points and Motala 0 points.

Four teams to the semi-finals. Villa Lidköping beat Edsbyn 4-3 after an even match and in the second semi-final Sandvikens AIK won over Västerås SK 3-1.

Villa Lidköping-Edsbyn 4-3 (3-1)
1-0 (12) Christoffer Edlund
2-0 (17) Tim Persson
2-1 (28) Christian Mickelsson, penalty shot
3-1 (28) Tim Persson
4-1 (32) Joel Broberg
4-2 (35) Vadim Arkhipkin
4-3 (59) Rasmus Skarps

Sandvikens AIK-Västerås SK 3-1 (2-1)
0-1 (18) Martin Landström
1-1 (21) Hannes Edlund
2-1 (26) Hannes Edlund
3-1 (31) Daniel Bäck-Nirs