by | Oct 17, 2022 | News

Villa Lidköping BK won the Swedish Cup for women for the third times in a row. The play offs was held in Göransson Arena in Sandviken October 15-16. On Saturday the two semi final games was played.

Västerås SK met Skirö AIK in the first semifinal and it was a really exciting and even game. Västerås SK won the game. But the winning goal was made as late as after 92.40. Before that Skirö AIK surprised everybody when they made a very good fight against Västerås. The goals in the first semifinal:
1-0 (33) Astrid Rosengren (ass Galina Michailova)
2-0 (63) Tova Grönoset (ass Lovisa Odén)
2-1 (65) Emma Nilsson (penalty shot)
2-2 (91) Karla Thuresson
3-2 (93) Charlotte Selbekk

The second semi final was played between Villa Lidköping BK and AIK, Solna. Villa won the game even with three penalty shot misses. The goals in this semi final:
0-1 (12) Diana Lipanova, corner shot (ass Erica Persson)
1-1 (17) Matilda Svenler Östh (ass Moa Friman)
2-1 (24) Tilda Ström (ass Emma Ahlander)
3-1 (31) Emma Ahlander
4-1 (50) Moa Friman (ass Matilda Svenler Östh)
5-1 (65) Tilda Ström (ass Sanna Gustafsson)
6-1 (79) Tilda Ström
6-2 (85) Karina Lipanova, penalty shot

Villa Lidköping was completely superior in the final against Västerås. A few minutes at the end of the first half were decisive and Västerås could not stand against Villa in the second half. It was at the end of the first half that Villa pulled away to a three-goal lead that became unassailable.

The goals in the final:
1-0 (01) Tilda Ström (ass Sanna Gustafsson)
1-1 (03) Charlotte Selbekk (ass Kajsa Ericsson)
2-1 (06) Ida Friman corner shot (ass Sanna Gustafsson)
2-2 (12) Kajsa Ericksson corner shot (ass Maja Ödén)
3-2 (24) Malin Kall corner shot (ass Viktoria Karlsson)
4-2 (41) Tilda Ström (ass Matilda Svenler Östh)
5-2 (43) Sanna Gustafsson corner shot (ass Emma Ahlander)
6-2 (50) Ida Friman (ass Moa Friman)
7-2 (58) Tilda Ström (ass Agnes Ögren)
8-2 (60) Freja Lööf (ass Tilda Ström)9-2 (69) Tilda Ström (ass Emma Ahlandeer)
10-2 (78) Emma Ahlander corner shot (ass Matilda Svenler Östh)