Villa Lidköping womens’ champion!

by | Mar 31, 2021 | News

Photo:Team Fabbe/Sören

Villa Lidköping BK became Swedish champions for women when the final against Västerås SK was decided on Saturday, March 27. The game was just as even as Swedish women’s finals usually are. It was when only 7 minutes were left of regular playing time that Villa could go to a two-goal lead. Villa Lidköping has never before won a Swedish championship for women, however, Västerås were reigning champions since 2020.

Many players were very good in the final which was watched by a large TV audience even though the indoor arena in Uppsala was empty of spectators due to the corona pandemic.

If we are to name a few players who were particularly good, they are both teams’ goalkeepers. Pernilla Elardt Östh in Villa and Isabelle Larsson in Västerås. They were responsible for many fantastic saves.

Now Villa Lidköping BK has the chance to become double Swedish champions because Villa in the men’s final will meet AIK on Saturday, April 3.

1-0 (06) Julia Wallgren
1-1 (12) Charlotte Selbekk
2-1 (23) Lisa Östman
2-2 (29) Ingrid Heien Bjonge
3-2 (34) Matilda Svenler
3-3 (53) Emelie Åkerlund
4-3 (73) Matilda Svenler
5-3 ((83) Ida Friman
6-3 (89) Tilda Ström