by | Apr 27, 2021 | News

The FIB World Championship Boys Y19 will be held in Katrineholm, Sweden, January 21-23. The tournament will be played indoors in the arena called “Kronfågel Ice Arena”, a newly built arena that was inaugurated as late as the autumn of 2020. It is the first time ever that Katrineholm stands as the main organizer of international Championship in bandy. It is also for the first time since 2016, the Y19 Championship is back on Swedish soil. 

Maybe the Swedish team is also looking for a real revenge because the last four World Championships have had the Russian team as the winner.

-It is fantastic that Katrineholm can host an international tournament for tomorrow’s bandy stars. That is proof that the investment in Kronfågel Ice Arena was right and that Katrineholm’s geographical location is attractive for larger international events, says Göran Dahlström, Chairman of the municipal board in Katrineholm.

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