by | Dec 14, 2021 | 2022-wcs-women, News

The Women’s World Championship was scheduled to take place January 10-16 in Stockholm and the first world championship for women to be played indoors in the newly built Gubbängen Bandy Arena. The Swedish Bandy Federation has now informed the Federation of International Bandy that they are unable to carry out the event.

Pär Gustafsson is General Secretary of the Swedish Bandy Federation and is very disappointed that the tournament can not be carried out as planned.

-It is postponed because we are without an organizer. The Stockholm District has decided that they will not host the Women’s World Championship in January. We have not been allowed to be part of the process until this decision, but received a ready-made decision for us, says Pär Gustafsson to the Swedish bandy site Bandypuls.

The covid situation is also said to have been recorded, even though Pär Gustafsson believes that it has been entirely possible to carry out the tournament.

When FIB got to take part in the decision from the Swedish Bandy Federation, FIB has agreed to move the women’s world championships to later this season. The tournament will now be played the last week of March with the World Championship final on March 27. The plan is that the tournament will still be held in Sweden, but the venue will be decided later, but not in Stockholm.