Wiipurin Sudet Champion in Finland!

by | Mar 10, 2020 | News

Wiipurin Sudet once again the Champion in Finland!

Wiipurin Sudet from Lappeenranta won the seventh consecutive Finnish Championship in the final game played in Helsinki March 1. In the semi-final Wiipurin Sudet won Vastus 16-0 and Kampparit won the second semi-final against Hifk 11-4.

The first half of the final game was played in a heavy snow and there were no goals made. When the second half started the snowing stopped and Wiipurin Sudet were controlling the ball. Nina Lehosmaa succeeded from a penalty shot and took Wiipurin Sudet in the lead and only a bit later also Emilia Hannikainen scored. Kampparit also had good opportunities to score, but Tytti Segerman, the goalkeeper of Wiipurin Sudet, was showing her best skills by keeping a clean sheet despite the two penalty shots Kampparit had in the game. Wiipurin Sudet won their 7th consecutive gold and has yet not lost a single game in the Finnish league since the club was re-established in 2013.

Wiipurin Sudet – The Finnish Champion 2020