World Cup in Sandviken for eleventh time 2019!

by | May 13, 2019 | News

FIB World Cup will be arranged at Göransson Arena in Sandviken for eleventh time this fall. The agreement between FIB and the organizer Sandviken’s AIK is today ready. Last year, Villa Lidköping BK won the tournament. Villa beat Sandviken 4-1 in the final. The Russian teams Start and Neftyanik went to the semi-finals. The last three times, Swedish teams have won the World Cup. 2016 Västerås, 2017 Sandviken and 2018 Villa Lidköping. The latest Russian team to win the tournament is Yenisei 2015.

The invitation will be sent out shortly from the organizer. In the first stage invitation will go to the eight teams that went to the quarter finals in the playoffs in Sweden and to the national federations in Russia, Finland and Norway. Four teams will be invited from Russia and two teams from each of Finland and Norway. If any team chose to not participate, a new invitation will go to another team from one of the four countries. Last year, 10 teams from Sweden, 4 from Russia and 2 from Finland participated when no teams from Norway chose to participate.

World Cup is settled in Göransson Arena in Sandviken October 10-13.