Yenisei new Russian Champion!

by | Mar 21, 2021 | News

Yenisei is new  Russian Champion!
Yenisei won the final game against Dynamo Moscow in front of an enthusiastic audience in crowded home arena.

Yenisei dominated the game with more powerful offensive play. Throughout the match, it was still an even final. The margins were on Yenisei’s side and that decided the championship.

Yenisei finished second in the Russian Super League with 69 points. Dynamo Moscow won the series on 73 points.

During the last part of the final game it was very even and Dynamo was behind with only one goal. The redeeming 4-2 goal for Yenisei was scored by Almaz Mirgazov when he picks up a carelessness in Dynamo midfield and sets the highest speed and skates away from Dynamo’s defense and shoot 4-2.

Before the final game Yenisei won in the quarter finals against Kuzbass 6-4 and 5-1 in the two games and in the semi finals Yenisei beat SKA Neftyanik 6-7, 7-0 and 6-2.  Dynamo Moscow beat Volga in the quarter finals 11-2 and 17-2. In the semifinals Dynamo won the games against Vodnik 4-2 and 3-2.

The goals in the final game
1-0 (27) Oleg Tolstikhin, assist Almaz Mirgazov
2-0 (43) Almaz Mirgazov, assist Maxim Ishkeldin
2-1 (55) Vladislav Tarasov, assist Nikita Ivanov (corner shot)
3-1 (77) Ilya Lopatin, asssist Adam Giljam
3-2 (82) Maxim Vasilenko, assist Valery Ivkin (corner shot)
4-2 (88) Almaz Mirgazov, no assist